Not Just A Regular Foodie Summer!

Woah! All of the sudden it’s mid-August when just a moment ago it was March! HUH?

*Recently on Dan Likes To Eat* So last time I posted was in March… Shortly after that life got a bit hectic and I found myself all over the country for work… and so… food. 😀 I never intended to become a TRAVEL Foodie… I was just going to be a REGULAR Foodie… Well you see how well that worked. Haha! I’m going to give you the top 13 (very specific number) highlights of my summer travels!

1. First I hit Charlotte, NC for a few days… had this Raspberry Rhubarb Entremet from Amelie’s French Bakery and some other things – this is the best spot in Charlotte from what I could tell!

2. I went to Naples, Florida for a week in April, had cute drinks by the ocean, and stayed at the Ritz Carlton (thanks work!)

Back to NYC for two days!

3. Bounced out to LA for a week: Best lives were lived! Lots of ice cream was eaten… The highlights were Elizabeth (BFF), Eggslut (had to go – yum!), and Malibu Farm has got to be one of my top favorite brunch experiences (there is one coming to NYC!).

4. Back to NYC long enough to take a breath… Got these hot dogs and festive cocktails from The Independent in NYC… Oh yeah, and a cake jar with sparklers. Hello! This is a great place to go for anyone staying in the Times Square area.

5. Then I headed to San Antonio… Checked out this spot (La Panderia) that’s on the list of top 10 bakeries in the USA. Boom! Loved it!

6. Back to NYC and ran out to The Hamptons for a weekend – drank lots of rosé and made a watermelon salad that was killer (featuring pickled onions and fresh basil).

7. Next up was Philadelphia! Found a delicious Arepa (pictured below) at Puyero Venezuelan Flavor and some other odds and ends… saw the Bell. Duh.

8. Then I headed out to Sacramento California… ate some good Filipino food at Teriyaki Station!

9. Rented a car and checked out Yosemite (AMAZING!)…

I’d give this place a five star Yelp review… and I’m Yelp Elite! 😉

10. Drove down to LA for a week… Ate at a Filipino place called Ma’am Sir on Sunset Boulevard! – what a name. Also Blue Plate Taco in Santa Monica is…. SO GOOD. Bumsan Milk Bar is tasty and just so cute!

11. Flew up to San Francisco for a weekend… (Had lots of lattes… and had a cookie shaped like the Golden Gate Bridge… check out my instagram for a video of me shoving it all in my mouth)

Back to NYC (I think I live here!)

12. Flew down to Miami for a night and drove back up stopping in Richmond, VA for brunch, ending in Philly and then hopped on a bus to get back to NYC (I’m pretty sure this was real, not just a dream… it went by so fast though so who knows?!) Miami highlights were getting some great arepas from BOCAS GRILL… What do I have to do to get a Bocas in NYC?!

13. Then a few weeks after that I buzzed over to Kalamazoo, Michigan for a wedding and some Blueberry Pie (best pie in the world, shoutout to Rykse & Co!)

Now finally I’m back here in good ole New York City… it’s been nice to have a few weeks without any major travel (but don’t you worry… this weekend I’m going to Jersey Shore and then the next weekend I will be in Cincinnati… eating Chili of course!)

Please comment here and share with me one of your top favorite places you’ve traveled to, and what you ate that added to the experience?!

Thanks everyone! Love ya!

@Dan(LikesToEat) (and as always, for more details on these pictures and what it was I ate, check out My Instagram!)

P.S. Here’s my little awareness plug… If you’re still reading and wondering about what the heck these things called Arepas are… they are a Venezuelan dish that I stumbled upon in Austin, TX and have been on the hunt to eat them all ever since… upon eating so many arepas, I also was educated on the political situation in Venezuela… it’s not much in the news (actually it IS, you just don’t realize it) but I would encourage you to look it up and pray for their country and for the communist dictator to be removed from power. *Get’s off soap box*. Chau. 


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  1. stickii says:

    Nice to see a post Dan! You’ve been busy. If you want good arepas in NYC go out to Brookyn and get some at an amazing restaurant called Bogota. It’s on 5th Ave in Park Park Slope. I eat them every time I go. It’s worth trip.

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    1. Dan DuPraw says:

      Ahhh! Good rec! I will definitely have to check it out! Thanks for reading and the last for the recommendation!! 😊


  2. Sally Vander Ark says:

    We have a food truck “Sammy’s Arepas” which parks on the Lake Michigan bluff overlook in St. Joseph, MI–check their schedule and come on out–we’re just an hour and a half north of the Chicago loop! We would love to see you!

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    1. Dan DuPraw says:

      Woaaah!! That’s awesome! I might have to check that out next time I’m in Michigan!


  3. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

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    1. Dan DuPraw says:

      Haha thank you my friend 🙂 hope you’re not too hungry now 😂

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