The American Wine Society: Philadelphia Chapter – The Cork Dorks

I’m excited to share the news that the little wine tasting group I started last year has officially become the Philadelphia Chapter of the American Wine Society (AWS). We call ourselves The Cork Dorks.

Mom’s Chocolate Mousse for Valentine’s Day – Recipe

Every Valentine’s Day growing up was a special day in our house. Mom would make a delicious dinner which was always followed by her homemade Chocolate Mousse. Dad would bring home a big heart-shaped box of chocolates and we would just enjoy being together. I remember that my mom would always wear these GIANT red…

Merry Christmas from Venezuela

To all my northern friends, I’m sorry in advance for wishing you a merry Christmas from this perfect 75 degree Caribbean morning in Venezuela. The breeze coming through the open windows is making it hard to remember the sting of cold and snow, and the parrots (guacamayas) flying over the trees outside screaming are a…

Digestion: USA vs. Europe

Today I would like to talk to you about *digestion while traveling!* (insert horror movie sound effects).

The International Wine & Food Society Meets a Millennial

I’m intrigued by anything that’s called a “society“… I recently discovered that the International Wine & Food Society (IWFS) has a Philadelphia Chapter… and better yet, that it still exists! I read about it in a book about James Beard so please forgive me for thinking it sounded antiquated and wondering if it still existed……