My Travel Journal is now available for purchase on Amazon!

My Travel Journal is now available for purchase on Amazon!

Merry Christmas from Venezuela

To all my northern friends, I’m sorry in advance for wishing you a merry Christmas from this perfect 75 degree Caribbean morning in Venezuela. The breeze coming through the open windows is making it hard to remember the sting of cold and snow, and the parrots (guacamayas) flying over the trees outside screaming are a…

Why Everyone Must Visit Santorini, Greece

My goal today is to impress upon you why anyone who considers themself a lover of travel should visit Santorini at least once in their life. This is the only life we get, so go live it!

Spain is open to US travelers!

Hey! Do you have your vaccine? GREAT! Now you can go to Spain! Spain opened up to vaccinated U.S. travelers on June 7th and I landed in Madrid on June 8th so I’m here to share with you the very short to do list of what you need to do to go to Spain in…

I Walked to Mexico for Lunch!

Yes you read that title correctly… I sure did walk from the United States of America all the way to Mexico just for lunch (and a couple margaritas which were extra fuerte… uh… strong!). So, down in Texas in a little town called Progreso, there is the Progreso International Bridge where you can pay $1.00…

Two and a Half Days in Cancun/Tulum – A To Do List of Sorts

This spot is where I felt like I did my best “traveling”… I found the spot that had locals, gringos and everyone in between, (stray dogs on the sidewalk, and someone had their cat with them at a table) I just ordered one of everything off the menu… and it was ALL amazing! Please, do yourself a favor and don’t always order what’s safe or normal for you… take a risk, you might like what happens.

The Whole 30 and Me

Have you ever thought to yourself “The whole 30 would be perfect for me!”… Oh yeah, I thought that too! I started off with full confidence, I loaded my kitchen and fridge with all the right stuff, removed everything that is not approved. Made myself an egg scramble and dove headfirst into The… Whole… 30….

A Quick Stop in Memphis

“Hey Dan, I’m driving through Memphis on Monday night, want to meet up with me there?”… said my sister, Stephanie, on the phone. “Um. One sec. I’m not sure… wait. What the heck?! Yes! What time will you be there”. Cut to: Landing in Memphis at 5pm on Monday for a fun evening, staying up…

A Lovely Weekend in Burlington Vermont

So, what are you up to now that you’ve moved to Philadelphia, Dan? Well let me tell you! One of my main goals with leaving NYC is to be able to travel more. So, while the weather is warm I decided to head north to Vermont. From food to hiking, I’ll tell you exactly how…