Spain is open to US travelers!

Hey! Do you have your vaccine? GREAT! Now you can go to Spain!

Spain opened up to vaccinated U.S. travelers on June 7th and I landed in Madrid on June 8th so I’m here to share with you the very short to do list of what you need to do to go to Spain in 2021.

If you are vaccinated, you do not need a covid test to travel to Spain, you only need proof of vaccination.

For Pfizer and Moderna you must wait 2 weeks after your final dose, and for Johnson & Johnson you must wait 4 weeks after your shot.

There is no quarantine for travelers to Spain if you have the vaccine and the country is opening up quickly for tourists!

Here is a quick video of me explaining the process and then I’ll share some of my top favorite photos from the trip 🙂 Below the video are some of the top things I learned about Spain while I was there.

The world is opening up, get out there and see it! *sips Vermouth*

Here are some things I learned about Spain:

  • Paella is more common in places along the coast and less common in the middle of the country like Madrid.
  • Paella is classically only eaten for LUNCH and not for dinner. Only tourists will be found eating Paella for dinner.
  • Siestas are real and everything closes between 4pm-8pm, dinner is after 8pm and goes late 🙂
  • Vermouth (in Spanish: Vermut) is a classic thing to drink at lunch. It is also QUITE delicious when it’s ice cold and super hot outside. The drink it straight there which is lovely because it’s really just a rich wine.
  • It gets REALLY HOT! Make sure your hotel has a pool.
  • Try to meet some local people, your trip will change immensely for the better!
  • Whatever you do, just go, go to Spain, eat the food! More info coming later!


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