NYC Food Frenzy Weekend #1

Hi again! Post #2 and I’m excited to share about ONE (I’ve had many) of my very foodie weekends in the city this summer! Recently, my best friend and college roommate (Elizabeth, featured in one of the pictures below, lives in LA) made a visit to the city and she did some research on what food she wanted to eat while here (not pictured in this post… three of NYC’s top RAMEN places so if you have questions, let me know! …how we had ramen three times and all this food in one weekend…? We’re not sure).

Marea at Columbus Circle, Michelin Star Italian Restaurant: Elizabeth’s cousin is a chef here and HOOKED us UP!

Now here’s the deal… I don’t speak the fancy Italian restaurant language… so I’m giving my best guesses here because we didn’t actually ORDER these things or really look at a menu… they were just brought out to us and we indulged. On the left below is the Panna Cotta custardy delight. The little colored chunks were chewy and sweet, with the raspberry ice and some violet petals tossed on top… I think that was my favorite thing; however, I was extremely full by the time we actually ate it. On the right is some very delicious pasta that I was a bit too buzzed to understand what the waiter said… it was amazing. It was their only pasta dish that was made with Chicken and not fish (and I appreciated that).

Jeepny – Filipino Gastro Pub Restaurant. Do a YouTube search for them and you can see all the different types of shows and vlogs, etc. that they’ve been featured on.

Elizabeth wanted to get Filipino food so this is where we went! In the picture below (I’m licking my fingers), those are the Banana Ketchup Ribs: pork ribs, filipino dry rub, spiced banana ketchup glaze. We thought that sounded nasty at first but the server recommended it as a favorite so we had to try it. It came with a white vinegar & pepper dipping sauce which was great! If you ever visit Jeepny (and I definitely recommend it! I’ll be back), you MUST try the Banana Ketchup Ribs… I rarely eat ribs and I could have had an entire second plate.

After the ribs, we had the Adobo of the Day (chicken that day) and that was to die for (we sorta forgot to take pictures of that and our hands were a complete mess).

One thing we didn’t get to do was called the Filipino Feast! You need to have 4 or more people with you but basically it’s where you order a bunch of food and they put banana leaves down on the table and you don’t use plates or forks or anything, you just dig into all the food with your hands. We saw a group feasting while we were there and it looked so great! (Let me know if you want to go feast with me, we need 4 or more).

The Bagel Store in Brooklyn – Rainbow Bagel

To top the weekend off, we had to get a famous rainbow bagel from The Bagel Store! It didn’t disappoint, complete with Funfetti cream cheese!

And here is a bonus picture of the Elote we bought from the Elote Lady and her shopping cart a few blocks from my apartment 🙂

Elote! PC: Elizabeth Clary.

Cheers everyone! I hope you enjoyed my Food Frenzie Weekend #1.   #2 will be coming down the road (Food Tour in The Village, Smorgasburgh… and other food with my sister while she visited… and more amazing food).

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