Cucumber Mint Lemonade Recipe

Hello readers,

Thanks for visiting Dan’s Food, my new blog! I love eating, and I love writing, and I thought to myself: what better way to spend my time… writing about eating. I’m also hoping it’s fun for you too! I’m going to do my best to be as real as possible… so if I ever make ugly dumplings, I will have to post pictures… because sometimes in life you just make ugly dumplings and there’s nothing you can do about it when it’s all said and done!

*gasp* So much pressure with my very first blog post! *heavy breathing* Well I’m here to tell you that sometimes I eat meat, sometimes I eat vegetarian, sometimes I eat vegan, sometimes I’m sugar free and sometimes I’m very sugar-full. Sometimes I must have coffee and other times I’m caffeine free :). I have tried many different eating habits and techniques* and I’ve learned to watch my body respond to them and see what it likes and what it doesn’t. (It doesn’t love when I eat a whole box of peanut butter cups from Trader Joe’s… *eye roll*).

Every time I watch a documentary about food, I am afraid to eat anything… and eventually the fear subsides and I will eat whatever it was again. Even in all of the ups and downs, I’m still learning and I am very passionate about learning what our bodies need and want, and I love talking to people about where they are in their food journey (this ain’t no walk in the park… it’s a journey).

Some of what I post about on this blog will be food I make and some of it will just be food I eat (after all, there’s a lot of great food to come by in the Greatest City in the World).  In the spirit of keeping this short and sweet… here’s a little glass of lemonade for you 🙂

XOXO. -DD (is that a dorky way to sign off??? I’m still finding my brand *wink*)


Yes I set this cup outside on my window to get good lighting. Say hello to Washington Heights down below.  MAKE IT:  2 freshly squeezed lemons & a little water | a few mint leaves | some cucumber chunks | and agave syrup… now all you need is a lemon slice and some good lighting and all your Instagram friends think you’re cool 😉

*eating technique = a way to get the food to your mouth.


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    1. Dan DuPraw says:

      Cooool and refreshing 🙂

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