The Dan DuPraw Los Angeles Area Restaurant Awards – 2022

The official list of 2022 Restaurants for the Dan DuPraw Restaurant Awards of Los Angeles, California.

Digestion: USA vs. Europe

Today I would like to talk to you about *digestion while traveling!* (insert horror movie sound effects).

The Cauldron

Stepping into The Cauldron from the back entrance, in what I imagine is the most London feeling part of downtown NYC, you step through the door and are immediately suspicious that you may no longer be in the same world as a moment ago when the taxi driver honked at you for crossing the street…

Eating in Austin: A Food Diary

Woof! Life has been busy since November and I feel like I’m finally catching up! The fast version is: Thanksgiving happened, The Apple Boys (a new musical I worked on) happened, Christmas and New Years happened… Then all of the sudden it was February. I have so many posts drafted that I want to write…

*WARNING* This is not a healthy post!

Setting: In the car on the way from Kalamazoo to Detroit. Nearing Battle Creek. The moment before: We have just passed a billboard for Sweetwaters Donut Mill. Given Circumstances: When leaving Kalamazoo, we had decided *NOT* to stop and get donuts on the way out of town… There are two Sweetwater’s that we could have stopped…

An ‘Avocado Toast’ Post!?

It was late, the streets of Manhattan were dark, but knew I was not alone. I could feel a light mist on my face as I walked and chills went down my spine… I found myself quietly stepping into a grocery store near the train stop I had just emerged from, and as I passed…

NYC Food Frenzy Weekend #1

Great weekend of eating food from all over NYC with my college roommate! We had Filipino, Italian… and a whole bunch of other stuff!