I Walked to Mexico for Lunch!

Yes you read that title correctly… I sure did walk from the United States of America all the way to Mexico just for lunch (and a couple margaritas which were extra fuerte… uh… strong!). So, down in Texas in a little town called Progreso, there is the Progreso International Bridge where you can pay $1.00…

Two and a Half Days in Cancun/Tulum – A To Do List of Sorts

This spot is where I felt like I did my best “traveling”… I found the spot that had locals, gringos and everyone in between, (stray dogs on the sidewalk, and someone had their cat with them at a table) I just ordered one of everything off the menu… and it was ALL amazing! Please, do yourself a favor and don’t always order what’s safe or normal for you… take a risk, you might like what happens.