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Hi, my name is Dan. I am a Marketing & Social Media professional and I’m passionate about working with restaurants to help them meet their goals. I run my own Social Media Consulting Agency but I have a special love for the restaurant industry. I can teach you how to handle the majority of it yourself, or take it completely off your hands! Scroll down to learn more, or get a quote now!

Almost half (45%) of U.S. diners have tried a restaurant solely based on the restaurant’s social media accounts.

-QSR Magazine Survey

21% said they have avoided restaurants because of the poor (or lack of) photos on those same accounts.

-QSR Magazine Survey

Did you know that according to the same survey 89% of US diners have social media accounts?
I can tell you from my own experience that I rarely eat at a restaurant before checking their Instagram.

Where to Start?

You might not know where to start, but that’s what I’m here for. Not only do I love helping restaurants with their social media, I have a lot of experience with it too!

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Whether you’re looking for a full social media expert to transform your social media or you’re just looking to get some coaching, I’m here to help. There is no budget too small (or too big, of course) so let’s find a plan that works for you!

Bring in Business!

As soon as we have our action plan ready to go, we can hit the ground running! It usually takes 1-5 days from the time payment is received until we get things started on social media.

  • Looking for someone to help with one or two posts per week and make sure your pages are fully optimized for the best results while keeping costs low? I’m your guy!
  • Looking for someone to fully take over your social media accounts and do an overhaul on the look and style? I’m your guy!
  • Looking to get some one time advice to learn what industry professionals are doing to help equip you to do the job? I’m your guy!
  • Check out some of my past campaign photos below!

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